When my daughter Katie Elise Lambert’s died because of a furniture tip-over accident, I was convinced that not enough was being done to educate the public about furniture tip-overs. Katie was 3 ½ years old when this tragedy occurred. A very smart, very pretty girl who lit up every room she ever walked into. I miss her terribly every day of my life

Since that nightmare I have been heavily involved in the child safety movement. Over the years I have worked continuously to raise consumer and industrial awareness of the dangers of furniture and TV tip-overs. Additionally, I am a member in good standing of ASTM’s furniture safety committee.

People grow and expand their horizons. I started the Lambert Foundation for Child Safety to create a more comprehensive view of child safety issues and to help create solutions. We are looking for people to get involved and help us make this a safer world for our children. If we can save one child because of this Foundation’s efforts then we’ve done our job.